Bee Eco Ltd is a family run business founded in 2015. Our mission is to help the UK reduce carbon emissions, whilst helping families and small businesses save money during this current energy crisis. We are always on a search to find Government funding to help those on benefits or low income to insulate their homes at no cost. Reaping the benefits of a warmer home and reduced bills. Our current funding schemes include: ECO 4, LA FLEX/LADS & Solar Energy (for Commercial).

Bee Eco - Go Green Save Money Family Business

"Let's Save the Bees - Together"

Why Us?

Bee Eco has developed a reliable title amongst local councils by holding various accreditations to meet the clean-cut funding guidelines. All due diligence is completed and ticked off to a high standard, thanks to our amazing team. We’ve become recognised as reliable installers by Walsall Council, Coventry Council and EON Energy by providing high quality installations and service throughout the Green Homes Grant and LADS 3 funding schemes. We pride ourselves on maintaining, solid relationships with both the funders and our customers; with thorough communication and going the extra mile to ensure all Bee Eco projects are completed to a professional standard.

Not only do we care about our customers, but also the environment we live in. Bee Eco is consciously working on ways to become a more sustainable company and contribute to making our Planet a better place. Part of this includes Bee Eco donating to Friends of the Earth Charity to target awareness on how we can clean our environment, as well as supporting the Bee’s, as they play an essential role in our day-to-day lives and the beauty of our landscapes.

Proud to be Accredited & regulated

Bee Eco have put in the work to ensure that we are regulated by the nations most distinctive and rigorous bodies to give our clients the confidence that we adhere to the most contemporary and ethical business practises. Read more below;

PAS 2030

PAS 2030 accreditation is a coveted mark of distinction. This certification, earned through rigorous assessments, signifies a company’s ability to deliver energy-efficient solutions while upholding the highest environmental and quality standards. Being PAS 2030 accredited demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and assures customers that a company is well-equipped to address our client’s eco-conscious needs. Learn more about PAS 2020 here. 

In the realm of construction and home improvement, FENSA accreditation is a hallmark of quality and compliance. It signifies that a company’s windows and doors installations adhere to Building Regulations, providing customers with peace of mind regarding safety, energy efficiency, and performance. Learn more about FENSA here.

NAPIT, as a respected certification body, plays a pivotal role in verifying and endorsing these credentials. Their stamp of approval adds an extra layer of trust, assuring customers that accredited companies have undergone thorough scrutiny and comply with industry best practices. Learn more about NAPPIT here.

Affiliations with regulatory bodies like FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code), and Trust Mark further underscore a company’s commitment to transparency, ethical business practices, and consumer protection. These affiliations instil confidence in customers, knowing that they are dealing with a reputable and accountable service provider. Learn more about the FCA here. 

Securing accreditation from rigorous and responsible regulatory bodies, such as the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), is a testament to a company’s dedication to excellence and integrity in the renewable energy sector. RECC is a trusted and respected organization that plays a pivotal role in ensuring that businesses engaged in the supply and installation of renewable energy systems adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and ethics. Learn more about the RECC here. 

Acquiring accreditation from rigorous and responsible regulatory bodies like TrustMark is a significant milestone for businesses across various industries. TrustMark, often described as the “consumer’s champion,” is a UK government-endorsed quality assurance scheme that helps consumers find reputable and reliable tradespeople and businesses for home improvement and repairs. Learn more about TrustMark here. 

MCS accreditation, in particular, resonates in both the eco-friendly and solar sectors, reinforcing a company’s dedication to renewable energy solutions. With these multiple accreditations, a company not only meets the highest industry standards but also stands as a beacon of trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism in the eyes of its customers, setting a solid foundation for lasting success in the industry. Learn more about the MCS here. 


Friends of the Earth

The Jeet Foundation


Ecosia is a rapidly growing and radically transparent search engine. They sell ads just like Google, however, the profit they make is dedicated to planting trees. 

At Bee Eco, all staff are encouraged to use this search engine so we plant trees as we do our work.  

Visit the website below to start planting your own trees today!